June 13, 2011

Personal is best.

I believe that when you make a gift yourself or give something personal, it has the most meaning.  Some of my most treasured gifts have been the most personal.  So, naturally when my friend's birthday came up, I decided to make her present - personalized note cards.  You've seen me post about them before here and here but for my girlfriend, I decided to go a step further.  She is a writer (and a good one at that!)  so I added an image of a vintage typewriter.  I chose a style font that was a bit simpler to suit her and came up with this:

She can use these for personal or professional use as she sends out inquiries for her articles and eventually her novel.  I want to encourage Heather in all that she does and I hope this tells her that I believe in her and her gift!  Happy Birthday to my bestie!

Check out her musings at: www.heatherclifford.com