June 1, 2011

My First Professional Gig

I couldn't be more excited when I was asked to address envelopes for a wedding.  I was absolutely mortified also because I had never done calligraphy on any professional level.  Someone was going to be paying me to do this!  I practiced for days on end and began.  White envelopes with medium navy ink.  The invitations and wedding colors were navy and tangerine so there was a theme developing here.  My bride to be could not have been sweeter, more laid back or pleasant to work with.  She wanted a very simple, clean style - to match her and her groom's personalities.  The first thing I did was count the invitations and the envelopes.  I felt a knot in my stomach when I realized that there were only 2 extra envelopes and that meant, basically, that I couldn't mess up (more than twice).  Gulp.  I began and quickly realized I'd have to speed things up because I had a pace going of about 10 minutes per envelope x 150 envelopes = 1,500 minutes or 25 hours of work.  Because this was my first gig, I only charged $1/envelope for a grand total of $150 which wasn't a lot but I was gaining experience and that was worth more to me at that point than the total amount earned.

I survived and more importantly, I enjoyed every second of that experience. Most importantly, the bride was very happy and commissioned me to do the table names and place cards.  I was thrilled and relieved all at the same time.

Here are a few pics of that very first project.  It amazes me how much I've improved since then!

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