June 1, 2011

How It All Began

I've always loved penmanship.  I remember as a little girl being mesmerized watching my mom write even if it just was signing her name on a check.  I always noticed people's handwriting, noting the slant, how even and most importantly, how legible.  I prided myself on my own penmanship as a young schoolgirl - and always got perfect grades in all my penmanship classes.  (This of course was when they had penmanship classes).  They need to bring back penmanship classes - have you seen the way kids write nowadays?  Honestly, it's bad and honestly, I sound really old and prissy right about now.   Maybe I am a total geek but for whatever reason, pens, paper and writing were my first loves.

Where I saw a calligraphy set I'm not sure but I remember begging politely asking my mom for a calligraphy kit - a Sheaffer to be exact - and my dear mom bought it for me.  (Thanks, mom!)  I went straight to work in my room, every day after school practicing and copying the letters in the tiny booklet that came with the set.  I started writing people's names and then poems and giving them to my mom as little gifts.  I loved it which is why it mystifies me that I just stopped.  Cold turkey.  I can't remember exactly when but it was probably when I went off to college.  This scene plays out in my mind like Andy leaving behind his toys to set off for college in Toy Story 3.  I cried at that last scene.  Where was I?  Oh yes, back to the sad days where my fountain pen and nibs and ink sat in the back of my desk drawer, unused, unloved and eventually thrown away.

Fast forward 15 years or so when I receive a phone call from a young woman preparing for her wedding.  A colleague of hers had given her my name and number stating that I probably did calligraphy because I seemed like the type.  Whatever that means.  I was just about to turn her down (because I had honestly forgotten I even knew how to do calligraphy) when all of a sudden an image of me at my desk writing away came sharply into focus.  Yes!  I knew how to write calligraphy!  Yes, I could most certainly help her out with her wedding!  That same afternoon I headed to the store and bought my supplies.  For the next several days I sat at my desk hunched over with ink-stained hands writing until my hands cramped to the point of pain.

I haven't looked back.  Now, it's my home business and my hobby and my favorite pastime.  I hope to get many more clients because I just love it so much.  If you're looking for a calligrapher - I'm your gal!  Leave me a comment or email me and I'll be happy to get in touch with you.  The great thing about calligraphy is it can be done long-distance.  I'm just happy I rediscovered my first love.


  1. Great story and beautiful work! WIth a background in graphic design and fine art, I've always admired the patience, and control and preciseness that calligraphy requires: I'd be too stressed! I love your new blog and think it's GREAT that not only are you back to doing what you love, personally, but also professionally. In my new ventures as a party planner, I will be sure to refer you to future clients. Congratulations, Josee!

  2. Thanks so much Laura! I really appreciate it! Will you be doing any wedding planning in your new venture?